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2015 Closure Activity

2015 has been a very rewarding year and our closure activity was a success. Over 12 community leaders gathered with us after walking very long distances to join us in order tu discuss and celebrate this year´s achievements. We want to thank all people and organizations that have followed, believed and helped the Llama Pack Project move forward.




We had the presence of community members from the communities of Sutoc-Pacchaj, Cancha-Cancha, Cuncani, Quishuarani, Pampascorral, Tacllapata and Can-Can, with whom we discussed and agreed on the future project activities to come this 2016.

Some of the most important goals for this 2016 are the implementation of the Llama Pack Project´s Training Center for Community members which will be possible thanks to the grant that will be provided by the Kunan Prize. Another major activity planned is the training workshop for 40 community members on healthy llama breeding practices that will be possible thanks to the grant that will be provided by TurismoCuida and the contribution of camelid specialists from CONOPA and Nuñoa Project.

We want to thank Milton Maque, Anthropologist specialized in Camelid Pastoralists who kindly showed his documentary on the positive aspects of llama husbandry in high-Andean communities. We would also like to thank all the Llama Pack Team interpreters who joined us during the closure activity and who have made this year´s llama treks possible.

After sharing this year´s achievements and our future goals, the activity ended with a nice Christmas gift drawing which included several farm animals and as a major prize we had a llama and an alpaca kindly provided by Inkallpa Hotel. The lucky winner was Juan de Dios from Can-Can, an important member of the Llama Pack Project. We are looking forward to 2016!
Thank you all!


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