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Contribute while trekking!

By travelling with native and eco friendly llamas you will contribute to conserve our mountain eco systems and provide work oportinities for high andean families

By traveling with Llama Pack you will have a unique experience while contributing to the continuity and development of the Llama Pack Project making a difference in people’s lives and the protection of local environment.

The treks have been developed in alliance with high-Andean communities as part of the Llama Pack Project sustainability program and provide work and continuous learning opportunities for families involved.

The Llama Treks offer an alternative and responsible eco-tourism and community based experience that is continuously improving. Thank you for joining us!

Day Trek Descriptions

Sacred Valley Llama Trek

Your mission will be to take the llamas out to their grazing spot while you learn all about this noble and native eco-friendly animal.

Difficulty: Easy – Moderate
Activity duration: 3 – 4 hours (Half Day)

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Llama Trek to Archaeological Remains

Enjoy an amazing walk through the picturesque Pumahuanca Valley in company of the llamas owned by the community families involved in the Llama Pack Project.

Difficulty: Moderate – Intense
Activity duration: 6 – 7 hours (Full Day)

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Llama Trek to High-Andean Community

Enjoy a breath-taking walk through the picturesque valley of Huarán in company of the llamas owned by the community families involved in the Llama Pack Project.

Difficulty: Moderate – Hard / Very intense
Activity duration: 7 – 9 hours (Full Day)

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Multiday Trek Descriptions

The Llama Trek services listed below, are the result of several years of work with local community members that are willing to make a change to help protect their mountain ecosystems and generate sustainable development within their villages by improving their native and eco-friendly llamas to provide pack services for the growing tourism industry in a responsible and inclusive way.

2D/1N Llama Trek High-Andean Community

Communities benefited: Cuncani and Quishuarani
Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 2 days / 1 night

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3D/2N Llama Trek Native Forest

Communities benefited: Mantanay and Huacahuasi
Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 3 days / 2 nights

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5D/4N Llama Trek Urubamba Mountain Range

Communities benefited: Cancha cancha, Quisuarani, Cuncani, Sutoc Paqcha (Huacahuasi – Mantanay)
Difficulty: Moderate – Hard
Duration: 5 days / 4 nights

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