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Thank you for your interest in the Llama Pack Project, the high-Andean families and our ecosystem.

With your kind contribution local people will have an extra resource to access professional training, take care of the local biodiversity and aspire towards long term sustainable development.

Our team is committed to do all the necessary hard work to bring these projects to life!

We are currently concentrating our efforts in the creation of an illustrated storybook for high-Andean children that will help us generate awareness on the importance of llamas and ecosystem conservation.

This book aims for high-Andean children to find value and motivation in become the future caretakers of the Andean ecosystem and water sources.

The book will be ready by August 2016 and we only need an extra US$ 1500 to be able to deliver it to 10 high-Andean communities, positively impacting over 700 families through a fun an impactful theatrical presentation.

THANK YOU for joining our efforts!

Current cause

Llama Book for Children

70% Donated/$1,500 To Go
A fun and tender illustrated story that will highlight the role of llamas in preserving our environment and motivate children to become caretakers of the Andes.
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