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Llama Book for Children

Donation Goal For This Project is $5,000
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Action Plan


The goals for creating a children´s book related to the llamas is to highlight important cultural aspects of high-Andean life that bring pride to local children and their parents. By giving one book to each family we aim to promote the ancient culture of storytelling, integrating family members and reviving ancestral values. We expect this book to plant a seed of curiosity and hope for seeing llamas breeding as a possible tool for development and pride. Through the story we will teach about important historic facts, generate environmental awareness and transmit important values. The book will focus on visual information and have an appendix to tell the story in quechua. This book will be provided as a gift for each family and then will be sold to generate more project income.

  1. Write a story. – Done
  2. Choose an illustrator. – Done
  3. Start a Crowdfunding campaign. – Done
  4. Edit and print the book. – In process.
  5. Hand out the book in the community during a community event and live storytelling activity to bring families together.
  6. Provide a book for the community schools.
  7. Sell books to continue printing, distributing and generating education materials.

Beneficiaries: Schools and families from 10 high-Andean communities.
Location: 10 high-Andean communities.
Duration: 4 months
Participants:  Llama Pack Project, community schools, community members, independent illustrator, independent printer.
Budget / Investment needed: US$ 5,000