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Promoting healthy llama breeding practices to generate tools for work and community development.


Facilitating community inclusion through skill building programs.


Generating evironmental awareness through education and actions.

Bringing together people, environment and development.

Llama Pack Project works to recover traditional uses and breeding of carrier llamas as a tool for sustainable rural development and conservation of Andean mountain ecosystems in the Sacred Valley of the Incas highlands.

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Areas of Action

Sustainable Development

Environmental Conservation

Healthy Llama Breeding

Llama Pack Project facilitates the inclusion of high-Andean communities in the growing tourism industry of the area so they can aim for long-term sustainable development. This is achieved by providing skill-building workshops, promoting inter-community networking and providing an innovative Llama Trek service designed with the participation of community members. All these tools will allow a higher hiring rate from all agencies that operate in the area. The aim is to improve families’ quality of life by generating an alternative source of income and supporting development of other important social aspects through our project programs.

Llama Pack Project seeks to generate environmental awareness amongst community members and to protect the fragile high-Andean ecosystems, water source of the communities and the Sacred Valley towns. Llamas are indigenous animals perfectly adapted to pack labor in high altitudes and mountain trails, unlike foreign introduced horses, donkeys and mules, whose use results in trail erosion and ecosystem degradation. We aim to recover and maintain ancestral trails and native forests by facilitating the transition for agencies to be able to hire the service of native eco-friendly pack llamas from local community members.

Llama Pack Project helps impoverished families mobilize their camelid resources in innovate ways, which are both ecologically sustainable and currently under-valued. Llama Pack seeks to implement a model project of best practices in breeding so that the community can learn from it. The aim is to recover the pure breed llama which is an amazingly resistant animal easily adaptable to different altitudes. Its impressive size (Average 2 meters high and 150 kg weight) and load capacity (average 45 kg.) will provide a new family income that will compete with horses and donkeys, in order to replace them in time.


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